SOS! How to Survive Presentation Disasters

You prepared your deck, you’ve edited your script, and you’ve practiced your speech. Yet, despite all your best efforts, something still went wrong during your presentation. Maybe you accidentally left in a typo in one of your slides. Perhaps you forgot a line or two of your script and blanked out on the rest of it. Worst of all, your PowerPoint file might refuse to work at all. No matter who you are, presentation disasters can happen to anyone. You’re not alone, because it can happen even to the best speakers in the world. Even Steve Jobs had the misfortune of having his clicker stop working while he was still talking about his next great product.

What keeps people like Steve Jobs in the top tier of public speaking, then? What makes them different from the others, who are just as likely to have bad luck on their presentation day? They’re looked up to as great presenters because they know how to handle presentation disasters and still make a convincing, powerful point. You may not be able to predict the future, but it won’t hurt to prepare yourself with several backup plans to address any issues that may come up during your speech. Learn how to keep yourself ready to take on any potential event by checking out this infographic.

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