Screen Showdown: LCD vs. AMOLED

Mobile technologies are often confusing; manufacturers keep on throwing around different hardware specs, everyone claims to be biggest, the fastest and the best. It’s fair to say that it’s hard not get caught away in the yearly hype surrounding the newest flagship phones filled with borderline-unnecessary features. Let’s be honest: from a user perspective smartphones are not that different anymore, except for one thing: the screen.

The evolution of smartphone screens is undeniable: they are bigger and more responsive than ever. However, wrapping your head around the different mobile screen technologies can be difficult. That’s where we come to the rescue: this infographic compares the two major screen technologies: LCD and AMOLED, so next time you won’t get confused when trying to choose your next pocket companion.

lcd or amoled lighting infographic

Original source of infographic found here at Handset Expert.

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