Save Money By Doing Business in Ireland

Did you know that Ireland is turning into a tech hub of Europe? Believe it or not, the major business players like Apple, Facebook or IBM opted to launch their offices or headquarters in the Emerald Island. As you can guess, the picturesque views have nothing to do with their choice.

One interesting fact about Ireland is that it’s also called a tax haven due to its attractive taxing system (only 12.5% of corporate tax rate). Sounds great, doesn’t it? Actually, there is even a tax evasion technique called “Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich” which appears to be very popular among IT giants. Qubit Labs conducted its own research to show how this scheme works, and what else companies can do to save even more. The solution is…outsourcing! Want to know why it is so beneficial? Check out the infographic below.

Double Irish and Dutch Sandwich Infographic

Infographic by Qubit Labs

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