Why Your Resume is Like a Burger

Just like everyone likes a good burger, every recruiter appreciates a well-written resume. Burgers and resumes are actually quite similar – both require good internal structure, excellent choice of ingredients and something special, which makes them stand out from the crowd. This infographic points to all the most significant aspects of resume writing, starting from the basics and finishing with the details that just give a little something extra to the resume.

The inside of both resume and burger are the most important – that meat patty better be juicy and devoid of any artificial flavoring. What about the extras? Tomato is great for giving a fresh look, lettuce maintains a healthy balance between underselling and overselling, and sauce is that special ingredient that completely changes the whole flavor. A little reminder: just like burgers, resumes sometimes need to be served with something extra like fries on the side.

How to build a job-winning resume by Career FAQs
Source: Career FAQs

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