Why Restaurant Take Out Should Be on Your Bucket List

Amongst 35 countries in the developed world, Australians were rated as having an above average lifestyle. Australian men and women scored higher than average in 11 dimensions examined in the 2014 OECD How’s Life Report, when compared to other OECD countries and major economies. The report covers government, civic engagement, environmental quality, health, housing, personal security, jobs, earnings, education, skills, well-being, social connections, income and wealth.
The only exception to the above average scores were in work-life balance, with Australians scoring in the bottom 20 percent. With such little time to do the things in life that matter, the ultimate list in life – the bucket list – is being neglected by Aussies. Services such as Menulog would like to change this.
Menulog has kept things very simple in this infographic and added up the average hours Australians spend cooking meals at home. Turns out, cooking meals at home is a huge time suck. By ordering from a range of food and restaurants online, many hours over a week/month/year can be saved. This new time created can be spent on the things in life that really matter, like creating your own personal bucket list and most importantly, starting to check items off.

Bucket List Infographic

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