Rental Safety Tips

Right now there are over 38 million renters throughout the United States; a number that is only going up every year. One of the last things that comes to mind when thinking about a rental property (whether it’s a house, apartment, condo, townhome, etc.) is the likelihood of a home invasion happening. But, when you stop to consider it, burglars don’t care whose name is listed on the mortgage.

Each year, approximately 2 million burglaries are reported…or about one every 14 seconds. And they can happen anywhere, at any time (although 97% typically happen when no one is home). In general, a residence without a security system is 300% more likely to be targeted. As unsettling as it is, only 13% of reported burglaries are ever resolved by the police. The only thing you can really do is prepare for a day that hopefully will never come.

Renters everywhere, regardless of lease length can be well-protected with an R Alarm wireless security system. Take it with you when you move and never worry about extensive drilling when its installed. You won’t lose your security deposit and you’ll also be gaining a peace of mind. Make your rental really feel like home with 24/7 security protection.

Be Safe No Matter Where You Rent

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