Recent Data Hacks that Shook the World

Regular news headlines have been featuring security breaches and data hacks — a signal that there has been a tremendous increase in size and tact of cyber attacks. Because of the development of the “Internet of Things,” more people use devices on a day-to-day basis, thus further increasing the risk of dealing with a cyber security breach.

Studies show that the average cost of a data breach is $3.8 million — a huge amount that could be saved if the right cyber security measures are in place. Unfortunately, as the volume and importance of data rises, businesses and national governments continue to display lax concern for data security.

Recently, the Global Cyber Security Index has shown that cybersecurity is still excluded in the strategies of national and industrial technologies. Based on reports, 9 out of 10 UK organisations feel vulnerable to data threats because of their insecurity in their data protection. Consequently in the past year, UK businesses lost over £1 Billion to cyber attacks.

Businesses and governments have both been targets of hacks in the recent years. To know more about these attacks, here’s an infographic from Turrem Data, a reputable security distributor for digital and physical data.

Recent Data Hacks that Shook the World

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