The Reality of Becoming a Chef

Becoming a head chef is not exactly the easiest position to acquire. Head chef is reserved for the best of the best. But even in that group of elite chefs whose experience and abilities surpass the rest, not all of them will become a head chef. There aren’t enough openings out there for everyone who’s truly great in the kitchen to achieve the top level. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other positions to be had. If you’re aspiring to one day become a head chef, try to keep in mind that part of it is a numbers game. Your number may eventually be called.

This infographic demonstrates the reality of the culinary industry and just how competitive it is. For those who are destined to be a head chef, do not despair. For everyone else, you’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of you before getting a shot at being the head honcho in charge!

Culinary school statistics and the realities of becoming a chef

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