Plastic Card Printing Process For Dummies

Many people have wondered how plastic card printing happens. We are going to show the the process and what needs to occur for it to happen. The first thing you have to is:

Determine Your Goal For The Printing

  • Gift
  • Promotional
  • Loyalty
  • Web Access
  • Event Entrance
  • Membership
  • VIP
  • Fundraising
  • ID
  • Smart Card
  • Phone

Are you going to make CR80, Single Shopper, Multi Shopper, Triple Shopper, CR80+ Keytag, CR80+ 2 Keytags?

How To Make It Work:

Magnetic Stripe
LoCo, HiCo; with or without encodin
Encoding on track1/Track 2

Signature Panel
A signature panel is an area on the card that is writable with a ballpoint pen.

Any type of label including holographic, up to 8 layers security silk screen.

A Barcode is a graphic representation of a number/letter that is readable by a scanner.

QR Codes
Cell phones scan these codes which direct them to your web site, or open an application.

Variable Data
Required on all encoded and/or embossed cards.

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