Most Expensive Liquids And Why Printer Ink Costs So Much

Most Expensive Liquids How Much Printer Ink Costs

Does anyone have any idea what the most expensive liquids are?!! Do you know how expensive regular printer ink costs by the gallon? I’ll bet you did not know that you could buy one gallon of black printer ink for the same price as 982 cartons of milk!! did a study where they revealed how expensive black printer ink is compared to other common […] Read more »

Online Reading For Kids And The History Of Summer Vacation – Infographic

Online Reading For Kids And The History Of Summer - Studydog

Wow, I had no idea about some of these summer vacations and summer learning statistics and facts! First of all, in the 1800’s, the US public education system was just starting out and attendance at school was not required. In the early 1900’s, the department of education decided to give summers off because: 85% of the kids were involved in agriculture and farming (compared to […] Read more »

The Expansion And Rise In Crowd Powered Business – Infographic

The Expansion and Rise of Business Through Crowd Sourcing

There has been tremendous growth in crowd sourcing lately, including companies who have a mission and profit goal of providing crowd sourcing. What a great concept crowd sourcing is!! This infographic on crowd sourcing shows revenue and company growth of different providers. Some of the key points gathered from the infographic are: Organizations and governments have recognized the power of groups of people and are […] Read more »

Top 10 USA MBA Schools Rankings 2010

Top 10 USA MBA Schools Rankings 2010

2010 emerged as a competitive year for USA MBA School Rankings. Business Week had University of Chicago listed as their ranked #1, followed by Harved Business School as #2, and University of Pennsylvania ranked #3. The Financial Times has their own Top 5. University of Pennsylvania came in at #1, Harvard Business School at #2, and Stanford University at #3. Rounding out the top 5 […] Read more »

Social and Economic Impacts of the New York Auto Show

New York Internal Auto Show Social Economic Impacts

The 2012 New York International Auto Show is held April 6-15th, 2012, and generates nearly $250 million in economic impact for New York City. Chris Sams, a spokeman for the New York International Auto Show media relations team said that the auto show opened in 1900 and has been growing year after year until today. He also said that it is the most attended auto show in […] Read more »

12 Steps of Recovery for Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Infographic

12 Steps Of Recovery For Drug And Alcohol Addiction - Infographic

This infographic provides you with a quick overview of the purpose behind each step and the goal of working the steps. The 12 Steps have become the corner stone of recovery for the majority of those who are able to maintain sobriety over the span of years. The 12-step program was established in 1935 and has helped address a wide range of substance abuse and dependency problems. […] Read more »

Interesting Facts About Reading – Infographic

The average person reads less than one book per year. After most people finish college they only read 5 books over the course of their life. Good thing since I finished college I read a book per month. Reading is a huge issue that people need to see. Not enough people read, more people play angry birds than read a book. We as a world […] Read more »

Things That Happen Every Sixty Seconds – Infographic

There are so many things that happen online every 60 seconds. I am amazed by the 38 tons of e-waste generated every 30 seconds. When you think that Google makes $75,000 every 60 seconds it is no wonder why they are one of the worlds richest companies in the world. I am surprised that so many BlackBerries sell every 60 seconds. I do not know anyone who […] Read more »

College Bowl Games Are Worth Big Money – Infographic

The smell of Fall, the grid iron, the tailgating, your college football team winning and going to a bowl game. Bowl games have been around for a very long time. The first college football bowl game was held in 1902 at the Rose Bowl. The game was played between Michigan and Stanford, Michigan whopped up on Stanford 49-0. The game was called when Stanford requested and Michigan agreed to end it with […] Read more »

Logistics of the Holiday Season – Infographic

Logistics of the Holiday Season - Infographic

This infographic was created by Derby Supply Chain Solutions, a value added 3pl provider. It includes some interesting facts about holiday shopping, and integrates the importance of logistics in getting holiday gifts where they need to go. The importance of Third Party Logistics providers  are often forgotten during the holiday season, although they have a pivotal role in getting things where they need to go. Warehousing and Distribution […] Read more »