Detailed Infographic Depicting the History of Tobacco

The History Of Tobacco - Infographic

Tobacco Specialists have produced an infographic that details the history of tobacco from its earliest incarnations found in fossils dating back more the 2.5 million years ago up until the modern tobacco industry of today. All of the important dates, evolutions and discoveries are detailed in the infographic to produce and in-depth and accurate investigation into how the modern tobacco industry has been crafted. Many […] Read more »

15 Fun Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting

15 Fun Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting - Infographic

Astute Lighting has detailed a few of the lesser-known reasons as to why making the switch the switch from traditional lighting to LED bulbs is beneficial to both private and professional property owners. Whilst almost everybody is aware of the fact that LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than their traditional brethren, there are other reasons as well that make LED bulbs the intelligent […] Read more »

Fun Baseball Facts and Stats

Fun Baseball Facts and Stats - Infographic

Infographic brought to us by Nationwide Insurance. Play Ball!! Memorable Moments In Baseball History 1846  First official game of baseball was played 1868  First pack of baseball cards created 1876  First professional baseball league was formed 1920  Average baseball ticket cost $1.00 1921  Baseball was broadcast on the radio for the first time 1929  Baseball game was televised for the first time 1963  Average baseball […] Read more »

10 Best Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website – Infographic

10 Best Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website - Infographic

There are many ways on the internet to get free traffic to your website. The question really is then, is who is willing to engage their audience and potential customers in a way that would get them to come to their website? For original article, click here. Infographic brought to us by Web Hosting Hulk website reviews. To get visitors to visit your website, your […] Read more »

Tart Cherries and Endurance Sports

Tart Cherries and Endurance Sports - Infographic

With millions of Americans every year committing to working out in any way they can – from running, to cycling, to training for triathlons –  people are more active than ever.  With the rise in endurance sports, there’s likely also an increase in muscle and joint pain. And, tart cherries may be able to help. Learn more about recovering with RED. Infographic brought to us […] Read more »

We Love Dads – Father’s Day Infographic

Via: Fathers make a big difference in our lives. Multiple studies have been done on the positive impacts on dads in a home, and we’ve pulled out highlights of a few of these studies. These statistics were found on the website, and data was pulled from various studies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America — one out of […] Read more »

The Effects And Benefits Of Spices

The Effects And Benefits Of Food Spices - Infographic

Nawaab Restaurant in Manchester has released an informative graphic depicting the benefits and effects of various spices on the human body. The in depth research has discovered the multitude of different benefits that can be accrued from ingesting the wide range of different spices that are available and commonly found in Indian Cuisine. As one of the UK’s most recognised and respected Indian Restaurants, Nawaab […] Read more »

Top Tips To Ensure First Date Success – Infographic

Top Tips To Ensure First Date Success - Infographic

Lovestruck carried out their annual survey and decided to showcase their findings in the form of a dating infographic. Follow their dating tips to ensure your first date is a success. A few of the things you will find interesting are: 67% of lovestruckers still prefer the traditional evening date Older daters (35+) are twice as likely to agree to a lunch date 30% more women prefer […] Read more »

Increasing Energy Efficiency – Infographic

Increasing Energy Efficiency - Infographic

Energy Performance Certificate specialist EPCarlson have produced an informative graphic depicting the great savings that property owners can make with simple changes to their property. Both private and professional properties can benefit greatly from these effective installations and updates. As well as the significant amounts of money that can be saved every month, these energy efficient changes can also incur environmental benefits. The lower the […] Read more »

10 Interesting Facts About The Human Eye

All About The Human Eye - Infographic

Let’s explore some really interesting facts about the human eye! Infographic brought to us by Perfect Glasses USA. Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about the human eye: Newborn babies do not produce tears Infant babies begin blinking at about 6 months old Humans blink an average of 12 times per minute The average blink lasts 0.3 second When you are born, your […] Read more »