Ten Fun Facts About Peeps

Via: DegreeSearch.org Whether you love them or hate them, Peeps marshmallow candies are very popular — especially at Easter. For those that enjoy eating Peeps, competitive eating challenges and Peeps recipes abound. But there’s much more to Peeps than just eating them. College students and professors perform scientific experiments on Peeps, artists create Peeps dioramas, and bored kids throw Peeps in the microwave to see what happens. What do you think? Are Peeps […] Read more »

Brains Vs Wins – March Madness 2013

If academics have anything to do with March Madness, then the Duke Blue Devils take the tournament for the second year in a row. DegreeSearch.org tallied the basketball player grad rates and win rates over the last 6 years and came up with a Student Athlete Score for each school. The winner? Duke University. The two highest scoring schools in the tournament were Duke and […] Read more »

Drewberry Income Protection Insurance

Drewberry Income Protection Insurance - Infographic

Drewberry Insurance created this infographic to help explain what income protection insurance is, what it does and if cover is suitable for you. Drewberry are the london based health and protection insurance specialists with products for individuals and businesses alike. Infographic brought to us by Income Protection | Drewberry™ – The Insurance Experts What Is Income Protection Insurance? This is an insurance policy to protect […] Read more »

Breaking Down UK Loans

Breaking Down Consumer Loans In The UK - Interactive Infographic

In the past seven years, a lot has happened to the state of personal loans and debt in the United Kingdom. Whether for purchasing a house or credit lending, consumer lending patterns have changed year by year. Lending growth has changed drastically in the past decade. Check out this interactive infographic to see everything from how much mortgage debt all UK consumers racked up in […] Read more »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Also Called PTSD – Infographic

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD - Infographic

PTSD Infographic by BD&J Law Firm Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was once thought to be a military disorder reserved for those who experienced combat situations first-hand. As this infographic illustrates, PTSD is much more prevalent in today’s society than many realize. Among those who are at risk of suffering from PTSD include pregnant women going through labor, children who witness or experience domestic violence or […] Read more »

How Satisfying is your Degree? Best Paying University Degrees

How Satisfying is your Degree? Best Paying University Degrees - Infographic

Choosing which university degree to study is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career, its hard to know if your chosen subject will be of interest to you, whether it will aid you in getting your desired job or provide you with the career opportunities you desire. That’s why we surveyed over 500 Australian professionals to see which university choices […] Read more »

Myths And Facts Behind Cloud Computing Services – Infographic

Cloud Computing and Storage Facts and Myths - Infographic

Myths vs. Facts: Cloud Computing Cost Myth: The cloud is more expensive This myth is rooted in the idea that while cloud computing providers offer low prices up front, the actual costs for service are actually far higher. Opponents point to extra fees for security, data portability, and the ability of providers to raise their prices at any point in the billing cycle, subjecting businesses […] Read more »

What To Do If You Get In A Car Accident – Infographic

What To Do If You Get In A Car Accident - Infographic

Top 9 Things To Do After A Car Accident   The law firm of Reeves, Aiken & Hightower has created this infographic that informs drivers on the most important factors to consider after getting in a car accident. After a car accident, drivers may be flustered, or even injured, so it is to remember to get immediate medical attention, call the police and collect drivers’ […] Read more »

Top 10 Best College Athletic Facilities – Infographic

Top 10 Best College Athletic Facilities - Infographic

Top 10 Best College Athletic Facilities – Infographic Some of the country’s top educational institutions have unique athletic facilities that accommodate a number of athletic programs including tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and water sports. In this infographic, the team at Patterson Pope, Inc. has named the top 10 best college athletic facilities across the United States. Top 10 Best College Athletic Facilities – Infographic Clemson […] Read more »

Visualizing The Speed Of Winter Sports – Infographic

Visualizing Speed Of Winter Sports - Infographic

How Fast Do Winter Sport Athletes Actually Go? We all know the drill. Winter hits, we are driving to work, and then everyone forgets how to drive. We all slow down and it is just chaos! Let’s look at some of the winter sports at compare how fast they go to how fast we drive: 31 mph:  Alpine Snowboarding 20 mph:  Cross-Country Skiing 45 mph:  […] Read more »