Outdoor Kitchen Design: Tips for Portland Landscaping

Landscape East & West is an award-winning Portland landscaping and design company that specializes in outdoor kitchen design. Their infographic offers outdoor kitchen design tips specifically for residents in the Portland, Oregon area. When it comes to an outdoor kitchen design, nothing can be left to chance! Portland’s rainy weather makes stainless steel appliances and a covered structure a must. Portland residents will love the fun local facts Landscape East & West has included in their Infographic.

The infographic also explores home remodeling trends in America, such as the increased demand for outdoor kitchens. Most Americans crave an indoor/outdoor living space so they can spend more time at home enjoying their space as well as entertain friends and family. When it comes to remodeling, American homeowners want to improve their home’s layout and increase their resale value. There’s no chance of home improvement spending decreasing any time soon either, just take a look at this infographic to learn more!



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