Online Reading For Kids And The History Of Summer Vacation – Infographic

Wow, I had no idea about some of these summer vacations and summer learning statistics and facts! First of all, in the 1800’s, the US public education system was just starting out and attendance at school was not required. In the early 1900’s, the department of education decided to give summers off because:

  • 85% of the kids were involved in agriculture and farming (compared to 3% today)
  • There was no air conditioning in schools
  • The upper class usually vacationed in the summer and now the middle class wanted to as well

Kids during the summer now have the great opportunity to study and read because they are not out farming. There is a great access to books and reading for kids online. A few recommended books to read for different grade levels are:

Starting Kindergarten

  • If I Ran The Zoo – Dr. Seuss
  • The Cat In The Hat – Dr. Seuss
  • Cinderella – Marcia Brown
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle

Physical Education:

Studies show that kids can gain 2 to 3 times as much weight during the summer compared to during the school year.

Ways To Keep Children Healthy

  1. Make sure your kids have an active day planned
  2. Give your children good healthy food as needed throughout the day
  3. Enroll your kids in active physical activities, teams, clubs, and organizations

Summer learning and kids reading with Studydog

[Source: Summer Reading Programs For Kids]
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