Off Road Hoverboard Comparison Chart

This chart compares the four leading self-balancing scooter or all terrain offload hoverboard specifications from speed and riding distance, to features like Bluetooth, weight limit, wheel size and if it is air-filled or not, LED lighting and lastly the price.

In the past year hoverboards have made a huge comeback with UL Listed stickers on the best ones showing how they are now UL Certified against problems related to batteries or electrical issues. Now the stronger, 400 lbs. and more style off-road hoverboards are allowing adults to use these as tools, vehicles and for enjoyment. No longer just on the sidewalks and now with much less concerns over hitting pebbles, large cracks or uneven pavement. Like a BMX bike, the new knobby air-filled tires on the all terrain hoverboards can easily navigate bad gravel and uneven road to sidewalk areas without fear of falling due to getting caught. Just know how to have your weight distribution ready for bumps and you are all set.

hoverboard specs infographic

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