Nature’s Candy: The Bountiful Benefits of Fruit

Discover the benefits of fruit! Fruit is “nature’s candy” and a healthy alternative to sugary snacks. This infographic compares fruits to various alternatives (i.e. soda, candy, etc) in regards to calories, sugar & nutrients. If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, you don’t have to turn to peanut butter cups and ice cream. Nature has an abundance of treats to indulge your cravings, and without all the detrimental health consequences.

Fresh fruit is truly nature’s candy, and not only does it taste exquisite, it is jam-packed with nutrients that can lead to a healthier you, mentally and physically. When you snack on apples, bananas, and oranges instead of junk food, you consume a fraction of the calories and maintain a higher energy level.

Fruit Benefits Infographic

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