Most Common Barcode Label Problems

Barcodes have been in use for half a century. It all started in the retail industry, but has come a long way since then. Nowadays, barcode labels are everywhere. Be it a piece of cosmetics, a medicine, or technology equipment – you can find a barcode label on almost any product.

Why did barcodes become so popular? It’s probably because of their minimalism and functionality. Those small black and white vertical lines hold product information, including price, country of manufacture, and expiration date. They enable inventory tracking and streamline workflow. It’s no surprise they’ve had so much success in different fields as well.

Nevertheless, barcode labels can sometimes fail to deliver the goods. What happens in those situations? Efficiency drops, and the possibility for human error rises, leading to overall decrease in business’ productivity.

Check out the infographic and learn about the most common barcode label problems, their causes and measures of preventing them.

Barcode Label Problems

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