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Source: Mobile Marketing Trends from the Millennial Media 2012 Mobile Highlights Report.

Apple released the iPad Mini at the beginning of November 2012 to plug the hole in its tablet range. Previously, Apple only offered the larger 9.7 inch tablet which let companies like Amazon and Google move unopposed into the 7 inch market.

The iPad Mini uses the same processor as the iPad 2 and sports the same 1024×768 display, but this time in a 7.9 inch screen. The inclusion of a better audio processor also means that the iPad Mini supports Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, something the iPad 2 doesn’t.

According to data released by the mobile advertising company Millennial Media, during the first month after its launch, ads served to iPad Minis grew 28% per day. Industry experts estimate that Apple probably sold around 8 million devices during November and December.

Such rapid adoption is likely testimony to Apple’s strong brand combined with a good product. However, the iPad Mini was not without its detractors. Many had hoped that the device would include one of Apple’s retina displays, something that may be fixed in the next generation of the iPad Mini.

While the iPad Mini is carving away a niche for itself, it is worth noting that its bigger brother, the 9.7 inch iPad, is still strong. Millennial Media reports that iPad traffic continues to grow and at present is 35 times larger than that of the iPad Mini.

For mobile advertisers, the release of the iPad Mini increases the potential number of devices where ads can be served. For mobile app developers, it increases monetization potential. Clearly the iPad Mini has been a success, and it is likely that Apple will continue to develop it along with the iPad and iPhone.

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