Measuring the Impact of Programmatic Advertising

You’ve probably been following the rise and advancement of programmatic advertising in recent years – but did you know that programmatic ad spend is growing at about 20% annually?

New technology and tools are helping marketers to reach exact groups, which means ad dollars are being maximized and waste decreased. Of course, as with anything, there are benefits and drawbacks to programmatic advertising. Benefits of programmatic advertising also include increased opportunities for real-time optimization, reduced human error, increased efficiency, ability to leverage first-party data and omnichannel targeting.

While there may be drawbacks to programmatic buying, there are also easy solutions. For example, the risk of a brands’ ad may be put near questionable content, however, when you work with trusted publisher networks, they provide full details behind campaign optimization. Either way you look at it, the programmatic ad industry is continually growing more than social and video, making it a solid investment for your ad spend.

Programmatic Advertising Benefits & Trends & Tips Infographic

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