Logistics of the Holiday Season – Infographic

This infographic was created by Derby Supply Chain Solutions, a value added 3pl provider. It includes some interesting facts about holiday shopping, and integrates the importance of logistics in getting holiday gifts where they need to go. The importance of Third Party Logistics providers  are often forgotten during the holiday season, although they have a pivotal role in getting things where they need to go.

Warehousing and Distribution plays a very important role in keeping goods for the holiday season stocked, shipped, and returned in the event of exchanges. You can learn statistics about the sheer volume of holiday shopping done online, the mileage of delivery trucks, and employment figures about seasonal jobs related to holiday shopping.

About Derby: Derby offers assembly, packaging, warehouse and distribution services. Derby has warehouse and distribution centers in Louisville, Kentucky, Allentown, PA, Cleveland, TN, Columbus, OH, and Galesburg, IL. They serve the following industries: Appliance, Automotive & Trucking, Food & Confections, Health & Beauty Aids, Medical Devices, and Home & Outdoor Products.

Logistics of the Holiday Season
Logistics of the Holiday Season

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