Items Included in a Formal Highland Dress Outfit

When attending a formal event we all know that the correct attire is important, but there are many aspects of a formal Scottish Highland dress outfit that people may be unaware of. Of course the kilt is of great importance, the color of which usually matches your clan colors. But did you also know that these colors can set the theme or tone of your whole outfit? For example when it comes to the correct type of tie and the color of your tie you don’t want to clash.

With the tie comes the need for a shirt, whether wing collar, dress or Jacobite, and then the jacket and/or waistcoat follows. I’m sure by now you are thinking you have the perfect outfit, but you have yet to think below the waist. With the kilt you will require a kilt pin, which acts as a weight on the top apron. This can be adorned with a color or theme to match your kilt and tie. A belt and buckle is also something that you may want to consider, although not traditionally worn with a waistcoat. And while we’re talking about accessories, have you thought about cufflinks?

From the knee down you need to think about kilt hose, again these should match your kilt colors, and kilt flashes to hold up your socks. Traditionally a Sgian Dubh is worn inside the top of your kilt hose – this is a small knife that is usually given to people as gifts. Finally we come to a comfortable pair of shoes built to last through all those Scottish dances. Brogues are the traditional choice and there are many designs to choose from.

Scottish Formal Attire Infographic

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