Invasion of the Drones

Military applications of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as they are more properly called, are well-known. However, many people are also now becoming aware of the staggering commercial applications of drones. UAVs are already starting to be used for business and their potential seems to have no limit.

Some of the areas where drones can make a huge impact include: agriculture, law enforcement, aerial photography, wildlife monitoring, telecommunications, and disaster management. Since UAVs can lower operating cost and increase efficiency, companies are taking notice. For example, you may have heard that Amazon is testing drones for 30-minute delivery of merchandise, but did you also know that Disney has filed drone patents to enhance their parades and light shows? So who is going to program, fly, repair, support, and administer all of these commercial drones on which businesses will come to rely? Why not you?

The takeaway here is that the kinds of jobs drones will create are as limitless as their uses. In fact, 70,000 new drone-related jobs are expected to be created in the United States in the next 3 years alone. People who train for these jobs now, will be in high demand later.

UAV Jobs Infographic

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