Increasing Energy Efficiency – Infographic

Energy Performance Certificate specialist EPCarlson have produced an informative graphic depicting the great savings that property owners can make with simple changes to their property. Both private and professional properties can benefit greatly from these effective installations and updates.

As well as the significant amounts of money that can be saved every month, these energy efficient changes can also incur environmental benefits. The lower the energy output of a property, the lower its effect upon the environment. The long-term benefits of this may be a brighter future for the coming generations as our impact upon Mother Nature is lessened.

A wide variety of different changes, installations and updates are suggested by the infographic. Simple changes such as the installation of LED bulbs can incur great savings without any significant lifestyle changes implemented and relatively low initial output. More significant lifestyle changes such as replacement boilers are also suggested to save money. A boiler that is only working at 60% capacity may cost the owner thousands of pounds unnecessarily. Despite the initial outlay for a new boiler, the long term savings can be great.

The infographic highlights the impact that a homeowner can experience when taking out an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The EPC determines how much energy the property is using and can highlight its potential energy efficiency. This will draw the property owners attention to the amount of money that they could be saving in their energy costs every month.

The staggering facts displayed can help property owners understand the implications of making energy efficient changes.

Increasing Energy Efficiency - Infographic

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