Drewberry Income Protection Insurance

Drewberry Insurance created this infographic to help explain what income protection insurance is, what it does and if cover is suitable for you. Drewberry are the london based health and protection insurance specialists with products for individuals and businesses alike.

Drewberry Income Protection Insurance - Infographic

Infographic brought to us by Income Protection | Drewberry™ – The Insurance Experts

What Is Income Protection Insurance?

  • This is an insurance policy to protect you and cover your lost earnings due to injury (incapacity) or illness.
  • This insurance policy pays out a tax-free income up to 65% of your current gross income.
  • You can get a policy that pays our for 1 year, 2 years, or even up to retirement age.
  • Make sure to research and understand the difference between Income Protection (IP) and Payment Protection (PPI)!!

What Does Common Income Protection Cover?

  • 31%   Mental Disorders
  • 19%   Muscular Skeletal
  • 9%    Nervous System
  • 18%   Other
  • 23%  Cancer/Heart/Stroke

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