Inbound Marketing for Vacation Rental Companies

Nearly 80% of vacationers use the Internet to plan or book their vacations. Because of this, vacation rental companies must have a strong online, inbound marketing strategy to be successful. This infographic explains the process of inbound marketing for vacation rental companies and shows how the method attracts website visitors and converts them into bookings and repeat business. As this infographic shows, each step of the inbound marketing process utilizes strategic internet marketing tactics to reach goals. These tactics include website optimization, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, landing pages, and more. Inbound marketing helps vacation rental companies compete with big-budget, national companies in search engine rankings, replaces expensive and less effective print advertising, and cuts down on the need for pay-per-click ads. Best of all, the inbound marketing method allows you to track exactly which tactics are attracting website traffic and converting visitors to bookings. Implemented correctly, the method converts traffic to leads to bookings, which then become satisfied renters who provide repeat business.

An Infographic on Inbound Marketing for Vacation Rentals by Paveya

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