The Imminent Death of Windows Server 2003

By July 14, 2015 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows Server 2003. For those that run a business chances are that this will affect them if it hasn’t already. What can be done to easily transition a business’ IT and avoid several vulnerabilities that will plague a company if they do nothing?

As a cloud service provider with many Windows servers, NIRIX was faced with several challenges as they transitioned their IT infrastructure away from Windows Server 2003. As they developed solutions and transitioned their own IT infrastructure there were two recommendations they came up with. Shown in this infographic are not only their two recommendations but they also share the reach Microsoft has had with Windows Server 2003, the time line of the service, and 5 likely threats that businesses will face if they do nothing.

Discover two realistic options to solve your Windows Server 2003 End of Life Problem.

This infographic was made by NIRIX.

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