Identifying a Fake Cartier Love Bracelet

Within the competitive high-end jewelry industry, few pieces have made as big a splash on the fashion world as Cartier’s legendary Love bracelets have. These timeless, stylish bracelets reference the chastity symbols of olden days in a very modern way, and send a loud and proud message to the rest of the world that a couple is in love with each other.

Unfortunately, with the Love bracelet’s great popularity, lots of unethical bootleggers have put out fake impersonation products in order to trick consumers. Oftentimes, these fake bracelets aren’t even made of actual platinum or yellow/rose gold, and they begin rusting within a few years – an unfortunate development which most unsuspecting buyers don’t see coming until it’s far too late! So, in order to help teach jewelry lovers around the globe what to look out for when buying Love bracelets, Opulent Jewelry & Fine Watches recently published this visual guide on how to identify fakes. Everything is covered, from the correct identification of serial numbers and iconic 750 stamps, to the fine edges of perfectly rounded screw caps. In a similar vein, this infographic also displays many of the most frequent errors that bootleggers make during the design of their fake products, including brassy hues from non-gold metals, splotchy imprints which lack precision, improper screw placement distances, and a whole lot more. You wouldn’t want your loved one to discover that you bought them a poorly-made bootleg bracelet, so make yourself scam-proof with a little help from this brilliant infographic.


Identifying a Fake Cartier Love Bracelet
Created by: Opulent Jewelers

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