How to Sell on Instagram

Today’s ecommerce marketers are figuring out the best ways to get the most from Instagram. Visual, user-generated marketing assets are all the rage nowadays, as this infographic based on data from customer review marketing platform Yotpo demonstrates.

For years, it didn’t matter how engaged Instagram’s growing user base was. Because Instagram posts don’t support clickthroughs to websites, marketers have, for the most part, overlooked this social channel. But new tools and tactics have changed the game.

According to Yotpo’s research, 83% of customers say they’re more likely to check out a brand if they see an Instagram friend posting about it. What’s more, at three-plus minutes, Instagram-referred traffic to ecommerce websites yield longer, more engaged browsing sessions than any other social channel. This is 17% more than YouTube, the number two channel for the same metric, and nearly two times Facebook’s performance in this regard.

One A/B test using Yotpo’s Instagram curation tools even found that embedding user-generated images on ecommerce product pages yielded a 24% sales conversion rate lift. Check out the infographic below for more details.

Instagram for Business infographic


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