How to Landscape for Better AC Energy Efficiency

Running the AC on high during the summer and the heat on full blast during the winter isn’t the most energy-efficient — or cost-effective — way to keep your home comfortable. Changing the landscaping of your yard can drastically reduce your HVAC costs in the summer and winter, as well as create a beautiful ambiance for your home.

From arbors to pergolas to lines of bushes to maple and oak trees, all of these landscaping tricks will help your yard and home be cooler and more comfortable, all summer long. These landscaping changes don’t have to be huge, either — they can be simple steps like planting a tree in the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a couple small changes or a larger yard renovation, implementing these ideas are a must for your home. Check out these landscaping tips from Griffith Energy Services to increase your home’s energy efficiency this season.

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