How to Find Spy Software on Your Mobile Device

Have you ever had that sneaking suspicion that someone is spying on your cell phone? You might not be too far from the truth. With the latest developments in technology this problem is becoming much more common, with many apps now available online. has designed this infographic to be used as a quick guide for signs to look for. You know your phone better than anyone and will be aware of any changes in the way it is performing. Is it suddenly shutting down for no reason? Is the battery getting very warm? Are you receiving unusual messages?

One sign alone may not be an indicator of spy software on your device but a combination of them would definitely be more alarming. The companies developing these apps have improved how they hide the programs, leading to it being more difficult to detect. If you have a genuine reason to believe someone may be spying on your phone then this handy guide is a great way to reference the main signs to be aware of.

Finding Cell Phone Spy Software

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