How Famous Books Got Famous Titles

Have you ever wondered how famous books got their titles? You’re reading a book and you’re not paying much attention to the title, but it’s one of the first things you noticed when you bought it. Famous authors don’t have it easy when thinking of titles for their books. In fact, they often need help from friends or editors. Their first ideas were usually lousy, so we should be glad they changed them.

Do you know how Pride and Prejudice got its title? You’d be surprised, but Jane Austin’s first idea for a title was “First Impressions”. How exactly did Pride and Prejudice come up? Bram Stoker also struggled with the right name for his famous novel Dracula. You’ll be surprised to see how Orwell’s 1984 was first called. Find out how these and other books got their titles in this cool TopAussieWriters infographic. You’ll see these great pieces of literature in a totally new light.

How Famous Books Got Their Titles – Infographic


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