Holiday Allowances Around the World

In need of a holiday but used up all your vacation days already? This infographic from Taxi2Airport charts the holiday allowance for every country around the world – perfect for finding the country you should move to if you want a bigger holiday allowance.

The data combines public bank holidays plus the minimum amount of vacation days employers are required to give staff, to find the total amount of days off workers around the world get. In the U.S. there is no such policy for employers to give their staff a minimum amount of vacation days and so workers are only entitled to a minimum of the 10 public holidays the country received.

Ranking even lower is Micronesia which came in the bottom spot with only 6 days of holiday, which again is based on public holidays with no minimum annual leave given to workers. In the top spot was Iran where workers are given a grand total of 48 days leave! This is made up from 26 public holidays plus 22 days as the minimum amount of personal vacation.

In the UK things were low-middle with workers getting a total of 28 days off, while Canada beat the U.S. by providing workers with 18 days off which includes 10 days minimum annual leave and 8 days public holidays.

You can view every country’s allowance for both public bank holidays and minimum annual leave allowance on the infographic below.

Vacation days around the world infographic

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