A Guide to Travel in Indonesia

If you close your eyes and imagine tropical paradise, where do you think of? In terms of sheer abundance of tropical locales, Indonesia lays claim to the title of having the most insane variety of options. Stretching for nearly the same length as Russia – but along the equator and in the middle of the ocean – Indonesia is a vast stretch of paradise comprised of some 17,000 islands.

It’s not only vast, it’s varied, too. Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches, ancient temples, rumbling volcanoes, exotic culture, or tropical wildlife, Indonesia has it all. So if you find yourself sitting in your office daydreaming of tropical paradise, see yourself in Indonesia. And if you want to turn that dream into a reality, take a look at this infographic which will get you started on the path to researching everything you need to know before going there.

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Indonesia - An Infographic from Buffalo Tours Travel Blog

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