A Guide to Beating Bad Breath

Just about everyone has suffered from bad breath at one point or another, but some people experience the condition chronically. If you have struggled with this problem, you already know that it can affect your social life and lead to feelings of insecurity and depression. You are not alone. Millions of other people face the same issue every day.

Not every case of bad breath is identical, but there are some common causes and routine fixes you should be aware of. Ultimately, it is the result of the buildup of plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Any activity that helps to remove or reduce this buildup will help your breath stay fresh. Regular brushing and flossing is critical but so is drinking enough water and avoiding certain odor-causing foods.

Sometimes bad breath is stubborn, and more aggressive treatments are needed. Plenty of mouthwashes and rinses can be found that help to eliminate germs, but if you have damage to your gums or teeth, you many need the help of a dentist. In extreme cases, surgical procedures are required to correct it. If you think you may have a problem with bad breath and would like to learn ways to treat your condition, check out the helpful infographic below.

Beating Bad Breath Guide Infographic
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