The Expansion And Rise In Crowd Powered Business – Infographic

There has been tremendous growth in crowd sourcing lately, including companies who have a mission and profit goal of providing crowd sourcing. What a great concept crowd sourcing is!! This infographic on crowd sourcing shows revenue and company growth of different providers. Some of the key points gathered from the infographic are:

  • Organizations and governments have recognized the power of groups of people and are harnessing the power of crowds by crowd sourcing
  • They are crowd sourcing writing, design, brainstorming, fundraising, market research and administration
  • Recent design contest with over 1,000 submissions
  • Odesk has now sourced out almost 2.5 million hours worked, over $25 million earned by the workers, and more than 135,000 jobs listed
  • A company called ChallengePost did a crowd sourced problem that was used by Samsung, The White House, and Mozilla
  • Funny enough, Iceland the country even used crowd sourcing for it’s most recent revision of the country constitution
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