Do You Know About Google Remarketing?

Have you ever noticed a particular website that keeps showing up wherever you are on the web after you have visited their website? If so, you have just experienced what Google Remarketing is all about.

Google Remarketing is essentially a form of online advertising that is used to increase conversions when used in conjunction with other forms of online marketing strategies like PPC or SEO. It works by placing what is called a “cookie” in your browser that allows it to “follow” you around any of the websites you visit that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN).

Today, remarketing has evolved into advanced forms like Dynamic Remarketing, Remarketing List for Search Ads and so much more. In conclusion, it is one of the cost effective ways to reach out to consumers who are already interested in a product/service for a second chance to purchase.

Do you know about Google Remarketing?

Courtesy of: Digitrio.

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