Google Employees Diet And Meal Plan

Google is google, and they are GREAT at what they do. Google gives users relevant results on any topic in the world that is searched for. Who hasn’t heard of their phenomenal search engine? Did you know though, that Goodle optimizes their employee’s diets and meal plans with as much attentiveness and detail as they do their search results?

A known product is “Google Analytics”, well they developed a “People Analytics” to help their employees eat healthier and in smaller quantities. This in turn helps Google have a healthy work environment with high productivity. No wonder their company is SO WILDLY SUCCESSFUL!!!

Definition: People Analytics
Google’s HR department that analyzes consumer behavior, then “nudges” employees into better decisions.


  • People tend to fill their plates with the first thing they see, so Google put the salad bar first in the cafeteria.
  • 47% increase in water consumption when water is placed in the fridge at eye level
  • $72 million Google spends annually on FREE EMPLOYEE FOOD
  • 32% of employees choose smaller plates when there was a sign above the food saying that those that chose smaller plates eat less
  • 3 bites: Most desserts at Google are designed to be eaten in three bites, in hope to reduce caloric intake and curb potential binges


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Google Employees Diet and Meal Plan Infographic
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