Fun Facts About Roses

If you’re considering a beautiful and sweet smelling flower bouquet for your loved one, look no further than a stunning array of roses in vibrant colors of your choice. Apart from their timeless appeal, roses have been lauded through the ages for their rich fragrance, medicinal qualities, and as a symbolic expression of romantic love. They are also associated with a number of religious rites concerning birth, life, and death. Often considered as a valuable addition to sensual scents, roses serve as a classic inspiration to artists, poets, and composers around the world. The fathomless beauty of these iconic flowers makes them an excellent choice for floral arrangements.

Another interesting fact about roses is that their petals are edible and are widely used in beauty treatments. The fruit of the rose, which is known as rosehips, is known to produce more vitamin C than any other fruit and vegetable. What’s more, a number of fruits such as pears, apples, cherries, plums, and peaches are also counted as members of the rose family.

21 Fun Facts about the Rose - Infographic

Courtesy of: D’Petals.

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