Why Frozen is the Most Successful Disney Movie of All Time

It’s hard to imagine that the award winning Disney movies of the 90’s could be topped – but that’s exactly what Frozen has done. The 2013 animated movie offering from Walt Disney Animation Studios has the music, stats and figures to back up the claim that it’s the most successful Disney movie of all time.
Disney hit a notorious slump following a slew of successful animated movies in the 1990’s. It was Pixar that took the gavel at the turn of the century, with computer animated movies leading the way. Pixar would eventually become Disney’s subsidiary, but the animation studio had still yet to recreate their previous successes in an animated feature film.
That was until last year when Frozen fever sprung up the world over. This Disney movie has taken the world by storm, with an armful of accolades to show for it. Check out the infographic by Presto.com.au below to see exactly why Frozen has helped Disney get its groove back.
Success of Frozen Infographic

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