Fountain Pen Inks

The fountain pen is a crucial piece of technology that has been used for centuries. Using a fountain pen can greatly change the way you write and also may change based upon what situation you are in.

Inks used in a pen are just as crucial to the writing process. An ink can give your writing or drawing both character and personality. By using a darker ink you can portray a professional look, and by using brighter inks you can portray more of a fun look.

The truth is that color, while extremely important, is not the only differentiating property of an ink. There are many different properties that each ink have. Some of these properties include being water resistant, which acts to protect your writing from fading or smearing when the paper gets wet. Another property some inks have is that they are lubricated. This ensures for smoother writing.

The following infographic shows the different properties of ink and which inks are best for each situation.

FountainInfographic by Pen Chalet

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