Get Fit In 10 Minutes

Fitting everything you want to do into your week is sometimes difficult. We are all just so busy! My own work week consists of 50 to 60 hours depending on the time of year, and like everyone else I would rather be doing fun things like spending time with my children, watching sports, socializing with friends and family or taking the dog for a walk.

In reality, work dominates my time so I have been thinking of ways to compress sections of my life giving me more time to do fun things; one aspect was the gym, it’s important for me to keep fit and healthy but my gym sessions take up on average 1 hour and 25 minutes every visit! Most weeks this totals to over 5 hours of my free time.

I read an article recently that said 10 minutes of fitness a day is all anyone needs to stay fit and healthy, so I decided to create a workout routine based on crossfit, it’s a HIIT blast for 10 minutes every day. Benefits include:

  1. No more gym fees, the only cost is when I need to go swimming
  2. Time saved, over 4 hours a week, that’s 208 hours a year!
  3. Fitness levels are good if not better than before

No. 3 is true. I have never felt more fit and I have been doing the 10 minute workouts for 3 months now. I think I now understand I only have 10 minutes to train so I push hard every time instead of doing a steady workout at the gym. Follow this infographic and see if you get the same results.


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