European Football Soccer Financial Crisis – Infographic

The English Football League has been around since 1888 and has a rich history. Football pre dates this starting life as an amateur sport over one hundred years ago. We wonder how many people at the time ever envisaged that it would turn into a professional sport with club owners and players appearing on rich lists around the world.

With the inception of the Premier League in 1992 players are earning more in a single week than most of us normal working people earn in a year, and for some, a life time with many stars taking home multi million pound salaries which include not only their club wages, but sponsorship fee and other endorsements.

Here are the top three best players in the game of football, also referred to as soccer.
David Beckham
Team: LA Galaxy, USA
Total Income: Euro 40 Million

Christiano Ronaldo
Team: Real Madrid, Spain
Total Income: Euro 38 Million

Lionel Messi
Team: Barcelona
Total Income: Euro 32 Million

However things are not quite as rosy as they may seem in the beautiful game of football. Clubs, large and small, are battling to balance their books. Despite ever increasing ticket and merchandising prices more and more professional football clubs are entering financial meltdown, some entering administration several times and sadly even going out of business completely.

This Trophy Store Football Financial Crisis Infographic focuses on the financial situation affecting football in the UK with information on where the money is earned and spent, how much clubs have borrowed as well as highlighting the major discrepancies at some clubs between player’s salaries and gate receipts.

Football Financial Crisis Infographic
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