The Dubai Rugby 7s

Rugby is a great sport. Always moving like soccer, but you get to hit and who doesn’t love to see a guy tackled to the ground? The first Rugby match I ever went to was the All Blacks and the Wallabies rugby teams. It was an amazing event that made me want to watch more rugby. In South Africa you have thrilling action, great crowds, a wonderful party atmosphere, top class entertainment, and a superb, purpose-built, venue to host it. Blend it all together, and the Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens is without doubt an event to remember for all those who turn up and join in the party.

The USA is still new to this sport as most kids grow up playing football or basketball, give us another 20-30 years and we will be a powerhouse. The best high school teams in the country come out of Utah believe it or not as they have won many national championships.

Emirates Dubai Rugby 7s


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