DJ Gift Guide

There is a lot of time and money that tends to go into building a DJ business. If you know someone who is trying to become a disc jockey or launch his own business, it stands to reason that this person could use some help getting the right equipment. Those who are just experimenting with DJing as a hobby can still benefit from a controller, turntable, microphone, cables, headphones, stands and cases, and quality speakers. However, if your DJ happens to have a bit of talent for the craft and is set on becoming the next big thing, the equipment he or she uses should be of professional grade.

The following infographic makes finding a gift for the DJ in your life, simple. It divides gift ideas by the type of DJ you’re buying for. It covers everything ranging from the newbie just starting out to the professional who relies on DJ gigs to pay her bills. From fog machines to media players, find the ideal gift for the DJ in your life by referring to the detailed infographic below.

DJ Gift Guide infographic

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