Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing

How do you know if you should use digital print or offset print?

If you have ever had to ask that question, then this infographic was created in an easy to read graphic to help illustrate the differences for each type of printing technology. It will also help to understand which will help you know which type is the ideal choice for your project.

People who are familiar with the process will discover that all jobs fit into one of three categories. Jobs that are needed with a fast turnaround, or short run are commonly digital print tasks, jobs that require large sheet size, or long runs are offset jobs, and the final category are jobs that involve a little bit of both. When it falls in the third category, you should then get estimates on jobs to figure out what makes more sense. Just like any job you need done by a third party, talk with people you know, use a business that is well established in the community and can provide their expertise and answer any questions you have or respond to specific requests.

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing – An infographic by the team at How to decide whether to Print Digital or Offset

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