Crafting a Unique Tobacco Experience

Not all tobacco is created equal. This fact becomes readily apparent when you look at all the different variables involved in growing, harvesting, curing and then processing the tobacco for use in a real tobacco vaping liquid. Black Note pays special attention to all of the above, resulting in a lineup of wholly unique tobacco e-liquids.

It all starts with the seed, or choosing the variety of tobacco to grow. Each tobacco variety has its own distinct characteristics from the get-go, which may take on different nuances based on the growing conditions and location.

Once grown and harvested, the tobacco flavor is further enhanced by the process used to cure and dry the leaves. Their Virginia tobacco goes through a slow flue-curing process to bring out its natural brightness in Prelude. The rich, full flavor of Forte comes from air-curing burley tobacco after it’s dried in the shade.

The age-old Cavendish process is used to emphasize the robustness of dark Virginia tobacco in Sonata. Legato’s subtly nutty taste gets a boost by flue-curing our Italian Kentucky tobacco. Black Note’s menthol blend starts with flue-curing Virginia tobacco, then adding an overlay of natural menthol crystals.

While they use a host of different tobacco varieties and processes to ensure to draw out the best flavor and aroma each blend has to offer, they all have one thing in common. Natural tobacco is at the core of every Black Note blend, providing a real tobacco experience with any blend you choose.

tobacco infographic

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