Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

Neglecting fire safety poses a huge risk to a business. Serious workplace fires put your staff in a dangerous situation and could result in the end for your company. The cost of fire to a business can be so large that it’s often very difficult to recover from especially if expensive assets such as machinery and vehicles get destroyed.

This infographic identifies some of the most common causes of fire in the workplace based on statistics taken in the United Kingdom. By understanding how a fire starts, we are better prepared to implement precautionary measures. Even if you’re a fire-conscious business owner, there may be factors you hadn’t considered. For example, have you considered improving your security systems to reduce the risk of arson? Or have you thought of implementing a fire suppression system to put out fires caused by electrical faults as they start? For more information, be sure to check out this infographic.

Workplace fire infographic

Infographic submitted by Fireward

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