Commercial Warehouses In the US

No matter how many changes come to the American economy, warehouses have remained a vital component of doing business. The idea of warehouses stems back hundreds of years beginning with a need to store food, and their uses have evolved over time to encompass a wide variety of industries.

While nearly every nation in the developed world has warehouses, America has long placed a high priority on them as a means to store goods and assist with product distribution, storage, and safe-keeping. This priority has even extended to a series of laws and regulations being passed to monitor their usage, called the Warehousing Act of 1916, that helps to govern how warehouses can be used in industry and business, laws that are with us to this day. These laws have affected how warehouses are used throughout the country across different industries such as food storage, industrial storage, retail product distribution, medical storage, and many more.

These warehouses have affected nearly every aspect of American business, including how products are distributed, how products are stored for the long-term, and even how they are sold to customers via ecommerce and online shopping., a leading provider of industrial storage, has created this infographic to detail the usage of different warehouses in American business.

Warehouse infographic

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