How Color Defines a Brand

Color is one of the most important elements to consider when developing your brand and the image you want for your company or organization. Color speaks to the subconscious mind, it sends messages in a split second, which triggers the viewer to be attracted to or turned off by what they see.

A brand name is important, a slogan or tagline will help your brand be remembered, but choosing the wrong color will have a negative effect in a millisecond. There is an old cliché that “you only get one chance to make a first impression,” but if a customer is making decisions using their subconscious mind then it’s vital you choose the overall brand color wisely.

This infographic created by Print-Print looks at the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands, it discusses the emotions associated with color which endeavors to understand why some companies decided upon certain colors in order to create the right impression for their brand.

Brands and Color Infographic

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