How Much Do College Students Drink?

Each year more and more students enroll in college to advance their careers and earn their degrees. But students are doing more than just studying during their time in higher education, it seems a lot of their time is spent drinking.

Seventeen million college students partake in drinking each year. How much are they really drinking? Anywhere from 4-9 drinks on average a week are being consumed by students. One thing that students might not realize is the consequences that can come from drinking. Assault, academic problems, health problems and even death are a few things that can occur when students hit the bottle too hard. This infographic will take a look at how much students are spending and what they are drinking. The top 20 party schools are also featured with West Virginia University taking the number one spot, University of Iowa at number two and Ohio University with number three. Brought to you by 12 Keys Rehab Center, this infographic should be shared with current students and parents to help them understand the dangers and consequences of college drinking.


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